Company vision: to be respected by the industry, customer satisfaction

Shareholders benefit, employees pride of the enterprise.

Values: create value for customers and work for their employees;

Gain benefits for shareholders and build a harmonious society.

Business philosophy: integrity, efficient, orderly, win-win situation.

Enterprise spirit: professionalism, dedication, teamwork and innovation.

Professional - professional knowledge, professional skills, professionalism, excellence.

Dedication - respect for work as a career.

Together, team tacit understanding, mutual support, common prosperity and win-win.

Innovation - thought innovation, concept innovation, product innovation and management innovation.

Internal operating principles: full authority, strict supervision;

Efficient, orderly, flexible and controlled.

Dafeng leather company introduced Taiwan's advanced four-roll calendering production line, with today's leading international level, to provide you with wear-resistant, acid, alkali, good elasticity, tear strength of high quality products.

Hired a number of professors, doctoral tutor for research and development consultants, by a number of rich industry experience in the professional and technical personnel responsible for product development, to provide you with international and domestic environmental protection, fire-retardant standards of first-class products.

Dafeng leather access to ISO9001 product quality system certification, is a comprehensive quality management standards enterprises. Dafeng leather products to the EU REACH standards, through the British BS-5852,5 fire detection standards, national 3C certification, is the Canton Fair's quality suppliers.

Best Under a Billon Award