Management summary meeting

Dafeng regularly held a working meeting, listen to the views of staff, dare to recommend talent, summarize achievements and problems, to take timely countermeasures

Dafeng party

The new year will not only bring you laughter, also let the heart more close to each other between colleagues, let singing, applause, cheers, clink of glasses has been meeting continuously.

Company outting

Companies always adhere to the "people-oriented", depending on employees as the core force of the company's development, the organization of travel activities, the company is fully affirmed the staff's hard work, but also for the staff's deep concern. Through tourism, not only can make the staff in the busy work to enjoy the beauty of nature, physical and mental pleasure, and can greatly mobilize working enthusiasm of employees, enhance the cohesion and team cooperation consciousness, provides a good interactive platform for each department to contact the feelings of employees to relax. And I can edify sentiment, to go to work with greater enthusiasm, contribute to the sustained and rapid development for the company.

Best Under a Billon Award